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Tit'Fanee( TeeFaNee de Nadaillac) by julicath/Cath (On- Off ;-))

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You knew this one was coming right?  The lovely ladies of Stoollala.    Let’s start with the most obvious.   Anybody who knows anything about the Stool knows I got to fuck Kim.    That’s the easy one for me.    Although I think Abby would sneaky be bonkers in the sack Kim is too much in my Asian wheelhouse.   One time I’d just love to be like “hey shut up Kim and let’s just fuck already”.  As far who I’d marry, the fact that I see Jenna in the office everyday means I probably can’t kill her right?   I mean who would run Stoollala?    So even though she’s more like a sister now and I’m sure we’d just nag the shit out of each other for the rest of our lives I’ll marry her.  Bonus points because I love her new dog.    So that means I’m killing the new kid Abby.     Oh well somebody had to die right?  Nature of the beast.    Plus I’m too old for her anyways.

Marry – Jenna

Fuck – Kim

Kill – Abby

PS – I can’t wait till Stoollala does this with the guys of Barstool.    I’m going to break the record for most marries and fucks at once.   Chicks like breaking their cunts trying to vote twice for me.   Just killing the shit out of the Sales Guy, Devlin, KFC, Kmarko, Old man Thornton, UB or whoever else gets in my way.

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Coal Tit by Mukumbura

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Kim Kardashian – Superstar (2007) DVDRiP
• Release Date : 23.03.2007
• Prod Studio : Vivid
• DVD Release : 21.03.2007
• Size : 700MB
• Genre : Feature
• Format : XviD
• Resolution : 512×384
• Audio: VBR MP3
• Supplier : DivXfacTory


She is the daughter of late OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian and close friend of Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian’s celebrity is primarily attributed to her close association with Hilton. Ray J. is a best selling hip hop artist who has been linked with Lil’ Kim and most recently Whitney Houston and when you see what he’s packing, you’ll know why.

The full length Kim Kardashian Sex Video has finally been released. We are disappointed with Vivids editing and dubbing of the sex tape. But we know the fans still want to see, so here it is.

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Germany wins the match 3:0 - and his ass is shining... by nolifebeforecoffee

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I think this would be as good a time as any to reiterate that I have no control over what I make these lists about.  I relinquished that control the moment I told Nicky Gifts to give me a daily assignment, and all I can do is dutifully complete said assignment or face failure, the penalty for which is seppuku.  Since I’m not quite ready to be disemboweled, I have to just bite the bullet and write about whatever Nicky Gifts tells me to.

Today, I have a sincere challenge.  Today, I have to make a top five list of male pornstars.  I don’t spend too much time while watching porn focusing on the male performers, they’re really more things than people.  The real saving grace of this list is that male pornstars tend to have really funny names, and that is what I am going to use as my main criteria in making this list.

Again, mom, dad, this one might not be for you.

Alright, here it comes, the Top Five Male Pornstars; let’s get it on.

5) John Holmes

John Holmes is a ridiculous man.  He was at the exact right place at the exact right time back in the 70’s, and became a porno icon for it.  He comes in at number five on the list because of the very distracting monologues he’s known to give at the beginnings of his movies, most notably in “My Tongue Is Quick.”  Also, it’s pretty distracting how he’s never really ever fully erect; he’s always got a leathery boner.  It was a different time, I guess.

Credits include: Carnal Encounters of the Barest Kind, Confessions of a Teenage Peanutbutter Freak, and The Lost Gay Tapes of John Holmes.

4) Chocoball Mukai

Chocoball is a Japanese pornstar and professional wrestler.  I don’t really know anything about him, but man, that is a great name.  It turns out that he was given the name because of his darkly-skinned ball sac.

Credits include: I have no idea.

3) Mandingo

Mandingo is an African American pornstar, possibly best known for his roles in the Gangland series.  It turns out that he was not actually named after the Ken Norton movie from 1975, but earned his nickname in high school, god knows why.  Wikipedia has a very interesting passage: “So far the only actresses who have managed to deepthroat Mandingo, are Bobbi Bliss and Alana Moore. Actress Katsumi, who succeeded in deepthroating another African giant, Lexington Steele, failed to do so with Mandingo. The only girl who is now willing to face the challenge of deepthroating Mandingo is Annette Schwarz after her successful deepthroating of Jack Napier.”  This is some great information, Wikipedia.  Only you can tell me what the annual GDP of New Caledonia is and tell me who can deepthroat Mandingo.

Credits include: Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat #3, Crème De La Face #37: Power To The Penis!, and Different Strokes #11: Boneward Bound.

2) Dick Smothers Jr.

First, he has the words “dick” and “smother” in his name.  Second, he is the son of Dick Smothers, one half of the classic comedy team The Smothers Brothers.  The Smothers Brothers, though not very hip these days, were responsible for some really good comedy and some decent satire in the late 60’s and 70’s.  And now one of their sons is making pornos.  I’m sure papa Dick Smothers is very proud, but really, he should have known better than to give him a name like that in a time like this.  If my name were Dick Smothers, I would have no choice but to make a few pornos.

Credits include: Fistful of Musketeers, Cheeks and Thong’s Up In Stroke, and Smother Sisters.

1) Dick Rambone

As if there was ever any doubt.  Dick Rambone has the greatest porn name ever, and gave himself the name because he thought he looked a bit like Stallone.  I don’t know about that.  Anyway, I don’t really have much to say about him, I really just want to get this list over with, and move on to greener pastures.

Credits include: Boobs, Butts, and Bloopers, Let’s Get It On, Rambone Meets The Double Penetrators, Rambone The Destroyer, and Angels of Mercy.

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[ 52 Weeks Of Music & Blythe 15 / 52 ] : Kiss My Ass! by TURBOW < busy + tired >

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This is a must see video! The cute young asian teen with shiny braces preps herself by sucking on a pacifier because sooner than later somebody will be balls deep in her throat. Oh hellz yeah! But all of you lovers of twat pounding don’t fret becuase her cock sucker is not the only orifice to get ready, so she sits down to rub her wet pussy before she gets hand cuffed and something slides in… somewhere…

The tiny teen sucks a little more on her pacifier before the volcano cock jams into her hole (that speaks too much! lol! After a while the cuffs are released to allow for a cervix exam done by this huge cock. She’s fucked every which way too!

When the time comes for this petite asian teen to get drenched with man juice he’s deep inside her mouth. The cum gushes out of her cute little mouth and dribbles down. She is the happiest asian whore during this moment and it shows because as her braces are covered with ton of cum she’s giggling as she licks her lips and shiny braces equiped teeth. The cum makes it’s own ‘Mississippi River’ down to her cunt. Watching this video will definitely make you blow your load quickly.


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Sex and the City 2 by Digital Agent

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An Argument About Sex by TGKW

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18, Naive and fresh out of school. So of course we took advantage! They needed cash and our guys needed to fuck some fine ass young freaks. Wait until you see these little honeys doing their stuff! We plundered their assholes in too many ways to count. These foxy little spinners had to lick more balls, suck more cock, ream more ass, and swallow more fresh steaming hot loads of man yogurt than ever before! Our hired studs gladly filled every hole of their 18 year old bodies they could! Enjoy!

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Sexy Tamil Mallu & Indian girls women by horinera

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4 Responses to “Ice Cream Cum Dildo”

  1. Leo Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 10:25 am

    That’s so hot.
    I’m bi and love to eat cum.

    Here’s my question.
    How does a guy like me learn how to deep throat like you? or does it just come naturally?

    Love ya.

  2. guero Says:

    September 22nd, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    love tits becuse they are honey.

  3. luke Says:

    January 12th, 2010 at 8:37 am

    your so hot

  4. cumshooter Says:

    November 19th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    what a hot idea!!!!!!!

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#5. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey has the “I am your sisters incredibly hot friend/girl next door that I want to hump” appeal that just seems to not go away and get better with time……and that is a good thing. Sasha is a 2 time AVN winner for best Oral Sex scene (2008 & 2010) so you know she brings it no matter what. But, why #5? Well the first 4 can be considered pioneers but in a year or two if she still is in adult films she could easily take the number 1 spot. However, looking at the work she did on Entourage last season and her movie “The Girl Friend Experience” I think she may be making that full time leap into mainstream Hollywood.

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Sexy Indian mallu girls women by enieer79

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Sexy Tamil Mallu & Indian girls women by horinera

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In the great tradition of Manifesto and Instinct, rising star director Ben Leon brings you Savage – a no-nonsense examination of hot men fucking.

In unidentifiable spaces, we find Raging Stallion’s best coming together in a full-on mess of spit, slaps, leather, and cum.

A new episode airs every Thursday!

Victor Steele has the body of a Greek god. As he poses in the mirror, the camera examines every inch of this solid muscle man. Steve Cruz enters the scene on his knees searching for dick.

After a hot oral session of dick worship, Steve and Victor switch places so that Victor can get a taste. After a round of dick sucking, Victor wants a piece of Steve’s ass.

As Victor penetrates, Steve’s ass responds in kind, pulsing with energy and the need to be filled. Victor takes his time and warms Steve up into a frenzy of high energy fucking.

As Victor explodes, Steve returns to his knees for a face full of cum followed by shooting his own load across the floor!



Then in Savage from Raging Stallionm Brodie Sinclair and Roman Ragazzi face off in a wrestling match of muscle and hard cock. As Roman gives into Brodie’s strength, the sex begins with Roman in submission.

Roman offers up his mouth to please Brodie’s beautiful cock. Brodie decides to assert his dominance in a second round of naked wrestling< ending with Roman on his knees, ready for a dick up his ass. Brodie obliges, pushing his dick into Roman’s hairy hole. As Brodie fucks Roman the viewer drinks in all the beauty.

Roman is a massive hairy muscle man who loves being pounded. Brodie is on the smoother side, well built and tattooed. The camera studies his body intimately as he pounds on Roman’s ass. Roman shoots with Brodie still fucking him followed by a stream of cum from Brodie.

Steve Cruz returns with a fondness for big black rope which he uses to stroke his cock and tie himself up. Frenchman Fred Faurtin comes along, finding Steve tied to a fuck bench, and uses the opportunity to get some first quality cock sucking. Fred’s huge, fat, uncut cock excites Steve to no end and he swallows the massive cock without hesitation.

Fred and Steve take turns spitting while Steve sucks away. When Steve bends over, Fred pushes his tongue deep into the hairy asshole in front of him, warming him up for a hard fuck. Fred shoves a condom on and pushes deep into Steve’s ass, fucking him aggressively. Fred knows how to fuck and he tears Steve apart. Steve flips and takes the dick on his back. Fred pounds away until Steve pops and Fred follows.

Luke Hass and Victor Steele sit apart in a large dark room. In the shadows, Luke and Victor jerk themselves off without even exchanging glances. This gives us a chance to drink in Luke’s smooth muscles and his huge cock. Victor, bathed in blue light, pulls his dick out and strokes.

After a few moments of these two men playing by themselves, Victor finds Luke’s massive dick and puts it in his mouth. Victor takes his time swallowing the entire cock while Luke watches his dick slide deep into Victor’s throat. Victor climbs on top and offers Luke his cock. As Luke swallows, Victor pushes Luke’s massive dick up against his asshole giving us a preview of what’s to come. Luke fingers and licks Victor’s hairy butthole before plunging in with all 10 inches of his dick.

After a round of hot fucking with Victor on his back, Luke lays down and Victor climbs back on top to take control. Luke’s massive dick pushes deep into Victor as he pumps up and down from on top. The chemistry between these two men is palpable as Victor comes once on accident but then takes more dick. The second time Victor comes, he shoots all over Luke’s chest. Luke pulls out and cum spills from his dick all over Victor’s ass.

Next in Savage by Raging Stallion, Matthieu Paris is plunging his own ass with a large black dildo while Ricky Sinz smokes and watches. As Ricky encourages, Matthieu pumps the dildo in harder and harder but then fills his other hole with Ricky’s dick. Matthieu sucks Ricky off while Ricky spits and then reaches over for a taste of Matthieu’s cock.

Ricky spends some time on Matthieu’s balls and then on the massive uncut dick. Ricky and Matthieu exchange tons of spit as they suck each other. When Matthieu’s hole is ready, Ricky puts a condom on and begins a long hard fuck. Ricky gets aggressive right off the bat and Matthieu responds by hitting Ricky’s chest as he pounds away. They fuck in multiple positions and end up in doggy style.

Antonio Biaggi enters the scene with his huge cock ready for some attention. As Ricky continues to pound, Matthieu swallows the new massive dick to the base, giving Ricky a show. With so much stimulation, Matthieu shoots a load and is followed by Ricky, who covers Matthieu’s tattoo with cum and then licks it off. Ricky leaves and lets Matthieu and Antonio have some time alone.

Matthieu’s attention goes from Antonio’s cock to his balls, which he ties up with a shoestring and pulls. Antonio loves his balls being pulled and it makes his dick grow even bigger. He suits up and Matthieu sits on the huge member, riding it. Antonio and Matthieu fuck aggressively, Antonio’s huge dick tearing up Matthieu’s hole. Matthieu shoots a second time with Antonio fucking him. Antonio gets Matthieu to stand on his balls and he shoots a massive load.

Watch Savage from Raging Stallion! Starring Antonio Biaggi, Brodie Sinclair, Fred Faurtin, Luke Hass, Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz, Roman Ragazzi, Steve Cruz, Victor Steele.

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